Urban Pole-Walking Group

Walking poles provided

Delwood has a growing Urban Poling walking group.

Walking is an activity appropriate for individuals of all ages and most physical fitness levels. One of the best motivators for regular walking is to walk with a group, which makes it a great community program that has the potential to foster holistic community wellness.

Join our fun and entertaining group for up to a 5 km walk around Delwood. Starting with a warm-up, led by our enthusiastic leader — Kim, the group heads out on a loop of Delwood. If a shorter distance suits you, there are many opportunities to shorten the route to fit everyone’s abilities.
The group finishes with cool down stretches before heading home. Walk once per week or walk all three times!

If you are interested, call Kim at 780-217-2087 for more info.–projects/league-walking-program/