Board Positions

Board Positions and Responsibilities

Have you ever thought about running for a Delwood Community board position?

For more information contact our President at [email protected]



  • Preside at all meetings
  • General supervision of the League
  • Representative to the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues
  • Official spokesperson of the league

Vice President Administration

  • Delegate to Area Council 2
  • Supervise Administrative functions of the league, including the Communications, Membership, and Civics Directors
  • Has responsibility for bylaw review

Vice President Operations

  • Supervise the Operational functions of the league including Facilities, Sports and Program Directors
  • Policy development and review


  • Attend and take minutes at all meetings
  • Keep records of all correspondence
  • Notify members of the various meetings


  • Maintain financial records
  • Collect and deposit money
  • Issue receipts and pay bills
  • Report the financial standing at every Board and General Meeting
  • Annual audited/reviewed statement of the financial affairs
  • Annual Budget


Civics Director

  • Represent the league to Civic agencies
  • Address transportation and development issues affecting the league

Communications Director

  • Newsletter
  • Signage
  • Website
  • Social media management
  • Advertising
  • Media relations

Fundraising Director

  • Responsible for the coordinators and volunteers involved with the leagues fundraising activities such as Bingo, Casino, Grants and other events

Membership Director

  • Annual membership drive
  • Membership Database
  • Collect membership fees

Facilities Director

  • Responsible for the development, maintenance and use of all of the facilities
  • Supervise the staff and contractors hired to maintain the facilities

Program Director

  • Youth Programs
  • Social Events
  • Recreation Programs
  • Education Programs

Sports Director

  • Supervise all sports programs undertaken by the league
  • Ensuring that commitments to the sports governing body are met
  • Responsible for maintaining a complete sports equipment inventory
  • Serve on the Sports Steering Committee


For inquiries about the Delwood Board and its positions, please contact our President.

[email protected]