Delwood will not have an outdoor soccer program in 2022.

Volunteers Needed

The loss of the soccer program is a layered loss for the community. Not only does it mean our children aren’t able to play under the Delwood banner, it also means that we lose a key source of funds. Volunteers from soccer help at our Community events like the Delwood Fall Festival, the Christmas Craft Sale, Community Garage Sale, kids’ movies or dances, and more.

Volunteers also work bingos for the Community. Without our bingo workers, Delwood will lose consistent funds that help cover the operating costs of Delwood Hall and Rink Shack. Delwood bingos take place at the Fort Road Bingo and are quite easy to do. You work for about 5 hours behind the counter and get a free meal. If you are able to volunteer to fill bingo positions please contact Chantal at [email protected]